The Oxford Arts Alliance is a community-based non-profit organization providing leadership and advocacy for the arts and culture. It seeks to provide a collaborative platform to allow arts and culture to flourish in our community for all people regardless of differences in ethnic origin, education, economic level, age or disability. Arts and culture elevate people and stimulate increased economic development leading to a sense of community and thus well-being among all residents.



The Oxford Arts Alliance is located in the beautifully restored Simon Building at 38 South Third Street, Oxford, PA 19363.

  • To build a membership for fellowship, networking and promotion of the arts and culture.

  • To encourage and facilitate presentations of art exhibitions, lectures, workshops and classes, films, music and art lessons, jam sessions and other events to benefit the public and foster a sense of community.

  • To foster programs which engage youth in the arts and culture.

  • To raise funds through sales, membership dues, and grants that will support Oxford Arts Alliance events and programs, as well as assist artists with honorariums and/or awards.