The Oxford Arts Alliance is pleased to offer youth and teen lessons with a variety of options. We now offer a wider variety of art lessons, please see below. Ranging from grades 3+, your child can cultivate their artistic skill through our seasoned instructors. Lesson descriptions will vary based on the level and goal of the student. We offer virtual options through Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype and FaceTime.



Our students will learn the basic skills in art including value, color, shape, and line by exploring observational and reference drawing. Students can speak with their instructor about their individual interests to delve even deeper.


Our art faculty are professional artists and teachers with credentials including Kutztown University, Savannah College of Art and Design and University of Delaware.


The Oxford Arts Alliance is a registered 501 c(3) non-profit organization that creates an environment for working artists and musicians to teach in Oxford, PA. Students in our academies pay a monthly subscription of $96 and receive 30-minute music lessons or 60-minute art lessons once a week.

Holidays including Christmas / Winter Break, New Year, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Easter /Spring Break, Vacations, and one absence due to illness are all calculated into the cost of tuition. Once you are registered for lessons you will be invoiced monthly.



Art lessons are exclusively for OxAA members only. Click the registration link to get started with art lessons and you will automatically be enrolled in our membership program. Membership fees for Oxford Arts Alliance Inc. are tax-deductible Membership fees for Oxford Arts Alliance Inc. are tax-deductible.



Lessons will be held upstairs of the Oxford Arts Alliance, 38 S. 3rd St, Oxford, PA 19363. The Academy is located on the third floor.

We offer virtual options through Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype and FaceTime.


Please contact Caitlin Daugherty, Art Director for additional information or with questions.


Drawing Fundamentals

Learn the basics or develop your skills. The lessons will focus on the level of the student. Students will learn color theory and techniques with different mediums as well. As students progress, they will learn about different forms of art and application. An assortment of drawing materials will also be experimented with.

Instructor(s): Caitlin Daugherty, Tyler Allen, Pete Hoffman

Portfolio Preparation

Portfolio Preparation consists of refining one’s artistic skills to build a consistent body of work that shows ability, variety, and knowledge of materials. Students will experiment using different types of mediums. They will learn about drawing and sketching as well with lessons on shading and perspective. This is for experienced middle school and high school students who want to build a foundation for an art school or art-oriented high schools and colleges. The instructor will include a materials list for the student to purchase. The student can provide the instructor with a requirements list from their preferred higher education program.

Instructor(s): Caitlin Daugherty, Tyler Allen


Learn different techniques to perfect the "portrait." From grid drawing to mirrors, the student will complete a copy of a portrait, whether from a photo reference or real life. The instructor will cover the fundamentals of portrait drawing and take the next step to achieve a likeness to the subject at hand.

Instructor(s): Caitlin Daugherty, Tyler Allen


Students will learn how to draw from a photo reference to look like the photograph itself. Drawing techniques that achieve a "photo-realism" finish will be learned to complete lifelike drawings in black and white and color.

Instructor(s): Tyler Allen



Would you like to discover your drawing talents? If that’s your goal, like developing your skills at Cartooning, Caricature, or Comics, you’ve arrived at the right place. Perhaps you would like to explore aspects of Illustration such as; Abstraction, Symbolism, Realism, or Stylization; then you have arrived. Join Illustrator/Designer Pete Hoffman as he helps you develop your abilities along these lines in a non-digital format. Using basic tools, you will learn methods and techniques to help you “hack” into your hidden talents and develop as an artist. Enroll and experience your evolution. Lessons are designed for the students on an individual basis.

Instructor(s): Pete Hoffman


Life Drawing

Students will focus on the human figure. Techniques might include gesture drawing, contour drawing, realism, abstract, and more! Students will perfect the art of observational drawing with themselves and their instructors as reference. Students may also draw figures from photo references. Students will use an array of art mediums in lessons.

Instructor(s): Caitlin Daugherty, Tyler Allen




Students will focus on drawing animals. Learn techniques involved in drawing or painting a particular creature. With an assortment of medium options- like pencil, pen, paint, and more- learn how to draw wildlife and domesticated animals!

Instructor(s): Pete Hoffman


Acrylic Painting

Students will learn the basic instruction of color theory, mixing paint, elements, and principles of design, composition, and perspective. Subject matter varies from observational painting to photo reference. Techniques may include realism, abstraction, impasto, and more!

Instructor(s): Caitlin Daugherty, Sally Wilson


Learn how to manipulate, control and perfect the watercolor technique. Students will learn a variety of techniques, tips, and tricks for watercolor painting. References might include observational or photographic subject matter.

Instructor(s): Caitlin Daugherty, Sally Wilson


Learn how to make block prints using linoleum and woodcuts. Block printing can include multiple colors and multiple prints. Students might also create monoprints and collagraphs. Printmaking requires students to think with their brain "reversed." What you see on your photo reference will be backward on your final print!

Instructor(s): Patty Moshanko

Art for Individuals with Disabilities

"Art Bloom" is creative art lessons for individuals with learning disabilities. The focus is to guide with creative inspiration, allowing students to discover their potential while exploring their skills using various art forms. Through the creative process, we strive to foster self-expression and instill confidence.

Instructor(s): Diane Henney