Thomas Edison Black Maria

Film Festival

The Oxford Arts Alliance is pleased to announce our 2020 showing of the Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival for our “Movies To Talk About” Series.

Find more information about Black Maria Film Festival here!


This year, we are asking for YOUR SUPPORT in our programming as we have teamed up with the Festival to do a custom curated and one of a kind program that features an exclusive interview with Filmmakers Deborah Peretz and Uliks Gryka. 


By making a donation today and accessing the stream on VIMEO, you are not only supporting the OxAA, but the Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival and the important films it brings to our town each year for our visitors to view.



Black Maria Film Festival Program 2020

Price: FREE*

*Your personal donation is not required, but deeply appreciated. Every dollar counts in support of art that matters!

Streaming November 13th - November 23rd 

This is a custom-curated selection of films from the current season that includes Lynn Tomlinson’s 2015 award-winning animation - The Ballad of Holland Island House. This timely and important selection will be streaming on VIMEO from November 13th - November 23rd.

Please follow the link below to view:

Visit here on November 13th for our stream!

Freeze Frame – Animation - 5 min. by Soetkin Verstegen, Brussels, Belgium

Little Wonders – Animation - 2 min. by Maris Fechter, Houston, TX

The Girl with the Rivet Gun – Documentary - 15 min. by Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly, New York, NY and Danielle Ash, Brooklyn, NY

Movement in Structure – Experimental - 4 min. by Shaun Clarke, Boston, MA

Return to Calais – Documentary - 15 min. by Edith Goldenhar, Jackson Heights, NY

Fôret – Animation - 4 min. by Lisa Barcy, Chicago, IL

Take Off Your Skin – Animation - 3 min. by Luke Jaeger, Northampton, MA

Code Ruth – Animation - 4 min. by Caroline Voagen Nelson, Astoria, NY

Cold Storage – Narrative - 9 min. by Thomas Freundlich, Helsinki, Finland

Thin Places Iceland – Documentary - 6 min. by Michael Chaney, Savannah, GA

The Ballad of Holland Island House – Animation (2015) - 4 min. by Lynn Tomlinson, Owings Mills, MD.

​"Meet the Filmmakers with Deborah Peretz and Uliks Gryka" featuring the documentary, “A Rose from My Garden” by Deborah Peretz 

Price: Suggested Donation of $20

Streaming November 13th - November 23rd 

This program is part of a joint fundraiser between the Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival and The Oxford Arts Alliance. To access this EXCLUSIVE streaming of the program, please make a donation below for ANY amount (suggested donation of $20) to support this. You will received the link to view this one of a kind program. 

A Rose from My Garden – Documentary

19 min. by Deborah Peretz, NY, NY

In the summer of 2017, mysterious stone figures sprang up along the Hudson River in Upper Manhattan.  Exquisitely balanced, powerful yet fragile – the “Sisyphus Stones,” as they have come to be known, are the creations of Uliks Gryka.  Uliks toils daily in what he calls his “garden of creation.”  As the garden grows, vandals occasionally come at night, destroying the figures, and leaving this modern-day Sisyphus with the daily task of rebuilding.

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