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The Emerging Artist Gallery features a monthly exhibition by a young, aspiring artist. The gallery is strategically located in the vestibule of the art and music academies and offers a dynamic space for exhibitions. The objective of this gallery is to give emerging artists a space to design an exhibition and  ultimately gain valuable work experience while sharing their work with the community. Artists ranging in age from 10-21 years-old have exhibited in this space and immersed themselves in a professional and artistic environment alongside the Main Gallery and academies.

Our exhibitions rotate monthly and are available during our operating hours



January 7-February 25

Bugs and Bones

Alex Coleman and Allie Gibson

Oxford Arts Alliance Art Academy

Talented Oxford Arts Alliance Art Academy students from Cecil County, Maryland who have been in our academy since middle school and they will be high school seniors in Fall 2022.


March 4-April 29

The Commencement

Elena Kahn

Solo Exhibition

I enjoy trying different styles of artwork to challenge myself and grow as an artist. Two years ago, I was drawing the main character for a book report in class and many people told me it was really good. The project allowed me to see that I could draw.

Then the pandemic hit and I had time to draw and paint. I started to mess around and just kept going. I am almost completely self taught.  My name is Elena Kahn, and I am an artist. I have always lived and attended school in our little town of Oxford. I am fifteen years old and a freshman in high-school.


I enjoy reading, my favorite book is currently The Throne of Glass. I have played piano for eleven years and enjoy both playing and listening to music. I have a very wide variety of music taste including, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Matchbox Twenty, and Hamilton. I have grown to love art and it has become a passion of mine. My favorite medium is acrylic paint, but I also love drawing. I am still deciding if art will be a hobby or career but I know that I will always love art.

Opening Reception: First Friday, March 4th, 2022 5-8 pm


Chadds Ford Live


May 6-June 24

A Collection of Silly, Little Drawings

Rebecca Sharadin

Solo Exhibition


Oxford Area High School Art Student​

Part of the Emerging Artist Gallery Project Program


My name is Rebecca Lynn Sharadin (I'd suggest you say it out loud because it has a surprising rhythm to it). I'm sixteen and have lived in Oxford for almost four years now. I'm a mess, to be honest; dealing with high school is a full-time job in and of itself. When I'm not in class or doing things for classes, I spend a lot of time with my family. I spend a lot of my time doing day-to-day chores and activities like working out or reading, which are all things I enjoy, but now and then, I can sit down and make a good piece of art that makes me proud. My hopes for the future are that I can replace high school with art college and, after that, do what I love. I love to make art and what I'd love even more than making art as a hobby is to make it a career. I don't have many plans for the next five, ten, or fifteen years, but within the next year, I aim to get into Delaware College of Arts and Design (DCAD) to major in something... That "something" is yet to be determined, but I have to survive the remainder of my Junior and Senior years until I need to figure it out. I love my cat, my family, K-Pop, and BONES.

My number one goal is to make something “outside of the box” when I create. I don't aim to confuse or disassemble; instead, I aim to challenge myself. Making art is a competition with myself, one that I’m only able to win when I’ve made something that I am proud to claim. I put every inch of myself into my work because, otherwise, what’s the point? I want the viewer to see me in my artwork, or at least my intention. I want the viewer to understand me, be excited to learn more, and adore my creations as much as I do. I’m not professionally trained, but after years of practice and improvement, I feel that my work is ready to be viewed by someone other than my 80 instagram followers. I’m most comfortable with a pen (which is evident in 98% of my pieces), and I enjoy working with any type of paint. I have recently discovered the joy of creating 3-D art and have nurtured an unparalleled affection for collage-making.

When I collected my pieces for the exhibit, I mainly chose them because they were works I wanted to show the world. There wasn’t a specific theme or purpose other than to fill up space. However, all of the results are cohesive due to the confined nature of my style and content. You can see a piece of me in all of my works, and they represent different levels of my expression. I don’t make something perfect all the time, but it’s my work, and I’m nothing if not proud of that fact. My goal is to grow my platform, and through that platform, I can become an artist of renown. All I want is to be appreciated and remembered. My work is me, so I hope to be well known as someone with skill and passion, whether in your home or a museum.

Opening Reception: First Friday, May 6th, 2022 5-8 pm


July 1-August 26

Richard Beards Scholarship Recipient Student

Opening Reception: First Friday, July 1st, 2022 5-8 pm


September 2-October 28

Carlson Cultural Trust Grant PAFA Student

Opening Reception: First Friday, September 2nd, 2022 5-8 pm


November 4-December 17

Emerging Artisan Gift Shop

Youth Arts and Crafts Market

The Emerging Artisan Gift Shop will be held from First Friday, November 4th to December 17th, 2022. Similarly to the Artisan Gift Shop in the Main Gallery, this market showcases any and all handmade artisan goods and wares. The exception is that this market will focus on goods made by young artisans who have not yet created a business and are not well-known in the regional area.

Our hours:

  • Wednesday through Friday 10 am to 8 pm

  • Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

  • Small Business Saturday 8 am to 8 pm