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The Emerging Artist Gallery features a monthly exhibition by a young, aspiring artist. The gallery is strategically located in the vestibule of the art and music academies and offers a dynamic space for exhibitions. The objective of this gallery is to give emerging artists a space to design an exhibition and  ultimately gain valuable work experience while sharing their work with the community. Artists ranging in age from 10-21 years-old have exhibited in this space and immersed themselves in a professional and artistic environment alongside the Main Gallery and academies.

Thanks to the Justamere Foundation, we were able to expand our Emerging Artist Gallery space to the second floor, allowing more artwork from our artists' to be visible to the public. In part thanks to the Justamere Foundation and Chester County Art Association, we now have an abundance of frames so that we can showcase our emerging artists' work in a professional way.

Our exhibitions rotate every two months and are available during our operating hours




Opening Reception: January 6 | 5 - 8 PM 

On view through February 24th, 2023

Finding My Way

a solo exhibition by Grace Patti

Artist Statement: 

My art is an outlet for me to relax and not have to think hard about what I am doing. Once I have an idea about what to create, I get out my supplies and put on some music or show. When I am doing art, I tend to zone out and just work. As for my inspiration, not one thing inspires me, I draw from the world around me. A lot of images spark my mind and lead me to think, “I want to try and create that ''. When I was little, I would often find myself wanting to choose the more creative option like crafts, painting, coloring. There isn’t a set moment I realized I was into art, as far back as I can remember I’ve had a sketchpad near me.  In the future I hope to improve
my techniques and learn new ones. 

Artist Bio:

I’m a 16 year old sophomore at Oxford Area High School . I have lived in Oxford my whole life and have attended art camps/lessons at the arts alliance since kindergarten. I view art as something I always strive to be better at. Art and being creative always excites me and I find ways to incorporate it into my daily life. As for mediums I usually use pencil or charcoal to draw with and acrylic, gouache, or watercolor paint. I see an art or creative path in my future and look forward to developing my art skills farther.


Opening Reception: March 3 | 5 - 8 PM

Reflections on Home

A solo exhibition by Olivia Stoltzfus

Artist Statement:

I am drawn to landscapes— a curiosity that I attribute to my development as a young artist in the beautiful surroundings of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I love the intimacy with nature that is possible through moments of stillness and appreciation. I find nature sweetly offers peace, support, and joy when we are quiet enough to commune with it.I became acutely aware of the quiet power of nature while road tripping across the United States with my sister. Four months living out of a car meant whatever natural environment we found ourselves in became our home. The fabric collages began in Yosemite, California, where I dyed thrifted cotton fabrics at our campsite using natural
dyestuff such as onion skins and pinecones. The fabric collages became my favorite method of reflecting upon the incredible landscapes we encountered on our journey across the country.
Upon returning to Pennsylvania, I found a renewed adoration for the gorgeous landscapes that have surrounded and supported me all my life. I became curious about how the Amish quilting tradition is informed and supported by the rural environment; the small weavings and large works featured in Reflections on Home are the outcome of this inquiry.


I hope Reflections on Home offers a moment of reverence for the lands that supports our lives.


Something whispered something
that was not even a word. It was more like a silence
that was understandable. I was standing at the edge of the pond.
Nothing living, what we call living,
was in sight.
And yet, the voice entered me,
my body-life,
with so much happiness.
And there was nothing there
but the water, the sky, the grass.

Mary Oliver, Who Said This

Artist Bio:

Olivia is a student at the Rhode Island School of Design (2024), where she majors in Textiles and concentrates in Literary Arts and Studies. Her work is deeply influenced by her birthplace in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and much of her work centers around her Amish heritage.


Opening Reception: May 5 | 5 - 8 PM

EAG Project Program for OAHS Students

Guadalupe Juarez

Solo Exhibition


Artist Statement:


Opening Reception: July 7 | 5 - 8 PM

Coming Soon

Richard Beards Scholarship Recipient Student

Artist Statement:


Opening Reception: September 2 | 5 - 8 PM

Coming Soon

Carlson Cultural Trust Grant PAFA Student

Artist Statement:


Opening Reception: November 3 | 5 - 8 PM

AHHAH Justice 4.0

Group Exhibition

Artist Statement:

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