The Oxford Arts Alliance is pleased to offer youth, teen and adult music lessons. We offer private musical instruction on a variety of different instruments for beginner to advanced players. We offer virtual options through Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype and FaceTime for current students.



Students at the Oxford Arts Alliance Academy of Music have the option to perform in recitals throughout the year. Additionally, many extra performance opportunities are available to students throughout their time in the academy. 


Our students are taught a wide range of musical styles including classical, rock, jazz, pop, and more. Students can speak with their individual instructor about their interests. 



Our music faculty are professional musicians, performers, and teachers with credentials including West Chester University, Lebanon Valley College, Eastman School of Music, and Cecil College.


The Oxford Arts Alliance is a registered 501 c(3) non-profit organization that creates an environment for working artists and musicians to teach in Oxford, PA. Students in our academies pay a monthly subscription of $96 and receive 30-minute music lessons or 60-minute art lessons* once a week.

Holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas/Winter Break, New Years Eve/New Years Day, Easter/Spring Break, Independence Day, Vacation, and one absence due to illness are all calculated into the cost of tuition. Please see our hours for the organization's closure schedule, but students of our academy must discuss closures with their individual instructor about other holiday-related absences that may occur.


Once you are registered for lessons you will be invoiced monthly.

*Students interested in 60-minute music lessons pay a tuition of $192 per month.



Lessons will be held in the Music Academy of the Oxford Arts Alliance, 38 S. 3rd St, Oxford, PA 19363. The Academy is located on the second floor.


Private music and art lessons are by appointment and are not reflected in the gallery, office, or extended hours. Our academies are generally open from 3:30 pm to 8 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 8 pm on weekends. Music and Art Lessons are held 7 days a week. Closures are the only times that reflect all the office, galleries and academies as a whole.


Music lessons are exclusively for OxAA members only. Click the registration link to get started with music lessons and you will automatically be enrolled in our membership program. Membership fees for Oxford Arts Alliance Inc. are tax-deductible.

Music Theory

Music theory lessons will introduce students to the rules of music notation.  It will cover pitches, scales, intervals, triads, clefs, rhythm, form, meter, and basic harmony.  Perfect to supplement instrumental lessons, or to enrich a student's understanding of music in general.

Instructor: Adam Hansen

Music Composition

Students will learn the foundations of music theory and how theory is used in the composition process.  More advanced students will learn to analyze music, and write their own songs or pieces.  Emphasis will be on giving students an overall understanding and confidence to create!

Instructor: Adam Hansen

Violin / Viola

Students will refine their technique, musical theory, musicianship, and instrumental skills through 1-on-1 private instruction.    


Instructor: Julia Hansen


Students will build their musical theory knowledge, technique, repertoire, and skills in private 1-on-1 instruction. 


Instructor: Adam Hansen



Students will improve their instrumental skills, music theory, musicianship, and technique necessary in playing the piano.  Beginner to Intermediate Levels.


Instructor: Ruby Robinson, Jon Luther, June Dickenson-Suh


Guitar / Bass Guitar  / Ukulele

Students will learn the proper technique, musical theory, and musicianship of playing the guitar. Learn fun songs to perform for your friends and family!


Instructor: Anthony Derrico, Jon Luther, Ryan LaVanture




Students will refine their vocal technique and repertoire through 1-on-1 private instruction. Vocal technique, musical theory, and musicianship will be additionally studied in order to begin singing for friends and family members! Beginner to Intermediate Levels.


Instructor: June Dickenson-Suh




temporarily unavailable due to COVID


Students will learn the proper technique, musical theory, and musicianship of playing the trumpet. Learn fun songs to perform for your friends and family!


Instructor: Jon Luther


Percussion (Drums)

Students will learn the proper technique, musical theory, and muscianship of playing the drums.


Instructor:  Jon Luther

Sax/Flute (Beginner)

temporarily unavailable due to COVID

Instructor:  Jon Luther

Brass (Beginner-Advanced)

temporarily unavailable due to COVID

Instructor:  Jon Luther

Please contact Anthony Derrico, Executive Director for additional information or with questions.