Digital Images: All submissions are by digital images. Images must be uploaded to the online application or put on an external hard drive and mailed to P.O. Box 313 Oxford PA, 19363.


Naming Images: Please save jpeg with artists’ name followed by the image number as given on entry form and one word from the image title. For example Jane Dow’s image—Little Bear #1 would be saved and uploaded as JaneDow1bear.jpg One image of each entry with up to 4 entries.


Do not send files that are embedded in an application that must be run to view the jpeg. Entries that ignore the rules will be rejected. All entries are non-refundable.


A return slip must be included in your packaging or it will not be accepted. Works without return slips will become Oxford Arts Alliance property after 30 days if the return slip is not mailed. Include your cost of the return slip in the price of your artwork should your artwork sells during the exhibition.

You must download our prospectus and include our labels on the last page.