Materials List for Students –

(Anywhere you find them is fine, whether it be Walmart, Michaels, or online)

1)    Vine and Compressed Charcoal

2)    Oil and Chalk Pastels

3)    Pencils and Erasers

4)    9x12in Sketchbook (regular paper quality)

5)    Black sharpies (one regular and one fine tip)

I will provide acrylic paint, watercolor, and the other materials like gels, glosses, mediums, fixatives, stencils, hardware, collage paper, etc.

Portfolio Preparation

Instructor: Caitlin Daugherty

Tuition: $25 per hour

Must be an OxAA member - click here for more information

Each lesson is 1 hour in length. Additional lessons may be scheduled through the week at longer lenghts of time depending on requirements and deadlines for portfolios.



Portfolio Preparation consists of refining one’s artistic skills to build a consistent body of work that shows ability, variety, and knowledge of materials. Students will experiment using different types of quality acrylic paints, watercolor, india ink, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels, collage materials, gels, mediums, glosses, and fixatives. They will also learn of different techniques beyond paint brushes to enhance their work, such as palette knives, stencils, scrapers, and other hardware. Aside from just painting, they will learn about drawing and sketching as well- gesture drawing, contour drawing, lessons on shading and perspective. They will work on different types of surfaces, such as canvas, wood panel, and paper that will vary in size.


Caitlin will also be taking the time to show them books on art history, contemporary art, famous artists, famous installations and exhibitions, while also teaching them the principles of design. The principles of design are key factors in any style of art, they include: Contrast, Balance, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, and Unity. They will also learn about Composition, Design, and Negative/Positive space. Schools look for variety in size, medium, style, and subject.


Caitlin took two portfolio preparation courses, one in high school and one at DCAD (Delaware College of Art and Design). Experience has taught her that having large pieces along with smaller pieces can make you stand out to a school, as well as having different mediums and subjects- like figurative, landscape, and still life in paint, oil pastel, or charcoal.


Students will learn how to use these different mediums and materials to create their work. She will help her Portfolio Preparation students be fully prepared for any school to look over their work because she knows the key factors that go into the decision making for a great portfolio. The goal is to have a selection of pieces in their portfolio, at least 5-10, that vary in size, subject, etc.

This is for experienced middle school and high school students who want to build a foundation for an art school, for both art oriented high schools and colleges.

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