In times of uncertainty, ART is a powerful force for building communities and inspiring inner strength.


To show our community's spirit, The Oxford Art Alliance and artist Vicki Vinton invite you to join us in an ART Challenge!


Our goal is to gather 1,000 photos! We will combine them into a gigantic 6-foot-tall mosaic of Presence, and when we can safely gather again, we will display it for you, your family, and friends to see!


That's right, we want YOU!

We need 1,000 different people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and walks of life to join us and show that no matter what, we can stand with presence together. Visit for more information about Presence!


Stand With Presence


Sculpture by Vicki Vinton


It’s easy! 


 1. Take a picture of you, your family, your pets, and even your favorite stuffed animals in the same pose as Presence.


Your body is balanced, with feet planted firmly, head held high, and arms anchored at your hips. Your mind is alert, open, and confident.*


2. Send your pictures to to contribute to our 6-foot-tall mosaic composed of one thousand people Standing With Presence!


*With your submission, you give Oxford Arts Alliance permission to use you/your child’s image and name for promotional purposes.