Our virtual exhibitions rotate monthly alongside in-person exhibitions


We're grateful to our sponsors who are linked below and listed in our descriptions under each exhibition


Since the autumn of 2008, the Oxford Arts Alliance has brought the work of many local, regional and national artists to our community. First, we created a gallery space to show off fine art in its many forms and occasionally performance art. We have remodeled our main space to better exhibit these many works. Recently, we developed additional space in our building to showcase Emerging Artists. Typically, these emerging art exhibits are solo affairs. These artists plan and hang their art in the space, promote their exhibit, greet visitors and sell their work. This is just as rewarding to the OxAA as it is to these Emerging Artists.


Throughout this period in our history, modern technology has been used to display and promote all this art as well as the art and music education portion of our charter. Now in the face of a world pandemic bringing visitors to our galleries is a serious problem. So, we are taking advantage of emerging technologies to continue our role of bringing art to our community. Today, we welcome you to our VIRTUAL ART GALLERIES.

The ArtSteps program offers more details about each piece than the Flipfolio program. The opening page is a view of the OxAA main gallery from just inside the front door. The view shows the baby grand piano against the back wall and the art hanging on the walls. If there are sculptures, they are shown on pedestals throughout the room. There are instruction blocks superimposed on or around the visible room.

1. Across the bottom of the screen is a block to donate and support the OxAA. Click the X to remove this block from the screen when you are ready to tour the gallery.

2. The speaker symbol on the left can be clicked to change the level of the audio, or you can use the appropriate keys on your computer to change the audio level.

3. The knob symbol on the left allows you to adjust the graphic settings. Click it for the appropriate menu.

4. The frame symbol on the left allows you to fill the screen; click it on or off.

5. The “i” symbol provides the tutorial information to navigate around the virtual gallery. Click it to bring up the tutorial, click it again to make it go away.
a. The navigation arrows are at the bottom of the screen. Scroll over each one to know what they do.
b. Any arrow, except the “Guided Tour” arrow, will allow you to tour at your own pace.
c. When using the “guide point” arrows, details about the art piece will be displayed when the art is centered on the screen.
d. Alternatively, move the mouse arrow to any location on the screen to move around the gallery.
e. Click on any art piece to center it on the screen and bring up details about it, including sales price.
f. At any time during your tour, you can select any arrow to proceed as the arrow directs.
g. Each pull-down menu has its own X to close it.

6. When art is available at the same time in both the Main Gallery and the Emerging Artist Gallery, the ArtSteps program will allow you to move between them. The movement inside each gallery is the same.


Watch our video tutorial for ArtSteps from our Virtual Gala in 2020.