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Did you know that your workplace might be qualified to help the Oxford Arts Alliance through a matching donation?


Many of us wish to turn a $5 bill into $10. Today, many companies are allowing us to do just that. Well, not EXACTLY, but close enough. Through workplace giving programs, thousands of companies are willing to match your donation to the Oxford Arts Alliance. Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, AstraZeneca, Sallie Mae, and others can help support OUR community and the art and music we create through these programs. 

What is an employee match program? 

When you donate to the Oxford Arts Alliance, your workplace doubles your impact by making the same donation. In other words, you can turn your $20 donation for scholarships at the OxAA into a $40 gift! 


How do I know if my company has a program like this? 

You can visit Charity Navigator's search engine and search for your company. Visit Charity Navigator to see if your workplace can make a difference. 


So, we ask that you look and see if your company can help make an impact on YOUR community, YOUR education, and the arts and culture in OUR town. 

Donations can be made online or sent via mail to

Oxford Arts Alliance  PO Box 313  Oxford, PA  19363.

We will not sell, share or trade our donors' names or

personal information with any other entity.

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